We set up DogsRus because, quite simply, we love dogs! Our life and day revolves around our own and with this in mind, we wanted to offer a dog walking service that would offer a number of things to our clients.

Peace of mind

For you to know that your dogs are with people who care passionately about dogs and their wellbeing. Also that your dogs are with people who do not take the responsibility of looking after someone else’s pet lightly and have taken every step possible to ensure their safety.


That we will take the time to get to know you and your dog to learn about their personalities, their likes/dislikes, level of training and sociability (we don’t all like to be part of a group after all). We offer individual walks and also walks for dogs who need to be on a lead.

That you can trust the people you are dealing with. We are DAS checked (formerly CRB,DRB)


We have a dedicated vehicle to collect and deliver your dog with first aid kit, water and towels on board (This is England and our walks are out there in the great British county side, so they will come home tired and in need of a nap but HAPPY!! and as clean as possible.

The Walks

We want to make the walks as interesting and varied as possible (walking round a park for an hour is not our idea of fun) so we have at least six regular walks, some are popular walks with other dog walkers but others are out in open country side or beautiful woods where quite often it is just us and the dogs, free to explore and enjoy the wonderful variety of scents and terrain they will encounter. If your dog likes to play we can incorporate ball play on some of the walks and if they like water that’s taken care of too. So hopefully there’s something for everyone. A walk is not just a walk apart from the exercise and mental stimulation it provides it also helps with socialisation and training as well.

Five days a week we can promise you that each day your dog will get a different walk and each day we will be there come rain or shine. Also each walk will be at least 1 ½ hours long, you can’t do them any quicker believe us, we’ve walked these walks for many years so we know we can guarantee that 1 ½ hours is the shortest walk your dog is going to get!

So how can we help?

Well I guess if you’re reading this page you have decided for one reason or another that maybe a professional dog walker can help you and your dog or dogs. Maybe you want to break up your dog’s day (check out our video, it’s a bit of fun but you’ll get the idea) you work long hours and are struggling to fit in those walks at the beginning and end of each day especially during those winter months when the days are shorter. Or maybe your own health has been affected which makes walking any distance difficult whatever the reason we’d love to hear from you. We’re sure we can help.

Our aim is to be as flexible as possible we do two group walks a day but if you require an individual walk or need someone at short notice we will do our best to accommodate you as well.

Take a look at our Services page to see what other services we provide.