About us


A bit about me. My name is Andy Varden and I’m 52 years young I’ve spent most of DSCN0192my life living with dogs from Great Danes to Papillon’s.

My work background was in sales and sales management, but when I met my wife Heather we decided that I would look after our home and our son Haroun. We met walking our dogs so this also included our four dogs while she continued her work with disabled children.

We decided last year that we would try and offer an older dog a new home but when we (Haroun and I) arrived at the rehoming center the dog we had come to see had just been offered a new home by someone else so somehow we ended up rehoming two Border Collies instead (not sure how that happened, Heather has her own theory though) but anyway this means our home now consists of two German Spitz, two Cairn Terriers and two Border Collies so we’re consistent if not a little crazy.

Through being around dogs so much I have learned a lot and an understanding of how they communicate with us and in turn how we communicate with them, both in their language and that of our own. No this doesn’t mean I go around barking all day a dog’s language is largely based around signals sometimes very subtle but each one is saying something so next time you yawn and your dog yawns too, don’t think ah! are you tiered too because you have just told him or her that ‘we are calm and everything is ok’ and they have replied ‘yes we are’.

So as our life and our day is largely based around dogs we thought a natural progression would be to start a business based around something we love i.e. dog
s so here we are along with Jose embarking on a new adventure hoping that you will invite us into your homes to meet the dogs you love and allow us to maybe make their day just a little bit more enjoyable during the times you are not able to be there yourselves.


My name is Jose Vázquez, I’m from Venezuela but my parents are from Spain and   I’ve been living there for the last 7 years, I am almost 25 years old, and usually I have a long beard.

dogloveLike Andy, I always live with dogs in the house, I love them and I understand them pretty well.These past two years I have spent more time with Lucas, my Boxer, that with any human ever (sound sad, but don´t worry, I´m fine).

I studied filmmaking, photography and creative writing back in Spain. I have a Science fiction novel published there (only in Spanish sorry) and that´s pretty much all about me. I´m a guy who loves dogs, reading, movies, writing  and science.

So, why did I become a dog walker? Well… just because it has always sounded to me like the perfect job. It is something I´m good at, I’m not scared of the responsibility of looking after other people’s pets, but I´m aware of that responsibility. I know what dog owners want and what makes them feel safe, because I’m one of them, so I know what to do. I can feel confident and in peace all the way, because I know what I´m doing  and I really enjoy it, and that´s really important to me. And also it is a job that gives me the freedom and the time to do all the other things I love, like writing.


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