Services and Prices

What we provide

An initial consultation at your home to give you the chance to meet us and for us to meet you and your dog or dogs so we can discuss your dog’s requirements and needs. We want to provide you and your dog with the best possible service so we will try and gain as much information as possible. This will enable us to learn about his/her personality their likes/dislikes, sociability, level of training etc.

Once we have completed the consultation we will arrange for your dog/dogs to join us on one of our walks free of charge (this only applies to dog/dogs who are joining our group walks). So you can confirm you are happy with us and we are happy that your dog/dogs will fit into the group. We will then provide feedback on how the walk went and there is no obligation on your part to proceed with regular walks unless you’re totally comfortable to do so.

If you feel an individual walk would be more suitable for your dog/dogs we will still carry out an initial consultation before starting their walks.

We do two group walks a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon Monday – Friday, we will try and place your dog/dogs with a group that best suits their level of fitness and temperament.

If you require a weekend walk please feel free to ask, and we will let you know if we can help.

We have a dedicated Dogmobile to collect and deliver your dog/dogs for Oxford City and anyone living within a 5 mile radius from the city this will be free of charge. If you live outside this area please contact us to discuss further.

What do we need from you?

A dog or dogs (I know that’s pretty obvious) collar’s or harness’s and lead’s. A spare key if needed for access to where we are collecting your dog from and your trust for which we are very grateful.

Group Walk’s £10 per dog, £5 per additional dog in the same household

Walks are in groups of four to six dogs and a minimum of 1 ½ hours long. Preferably these walks will be off lead (with your express permission) and in a group best suited to your dog’s needs.

Individual Walk’s £20 per dog, £5 per additional dog in the same household

If you feel an individual walk would suit your dog best then we will arrange a day/days and time during the consultation.

Pet Boarding £20 per dog per day including overnight accommodation.

We have a limited amount of dogs we can offer boarding facilities to so please check on availability. But your dog/dogs will live in our home along with ourselves and our dogs, join us on walks and for the time they are with us be treated as part of the family. We provide dry food, if your dog has any special dietary requirements or requires medication we would ask that you provide their food and medicine. We are happy to administer any medication and cater for special diets at no extra charge.

Day Care £10

If you’d like someone to call in during the day to let your dog out into the garden, check they have food and water, as well as bring in the bins pick up the post etc. then we can do this.


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